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Consulting Services

Consulting and Managing Software Projects
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Defining and managing software projects is a complex task.  The company must be prepared for a systemic process from design stage to final execution. Managing software projects requires expertise in high level and detailed design, development time assessment, cost estimation, data and information synchronization, employee management, risk management and more. There is no unified management model that fits all organizations and projects. An optimal successful project management model can be built only when taking into consideration the project's needs and the organization's resources. The consulting services can be provided as actual Project Management or as a mentoring of the project manager. The mentoring process is done along the way and on critical milestones.

Systems Engineering Consulting
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Systems Engineering is an essential tool in securing the Golden Triangle constraint in every project, Budget-Scope-Schedule. Inadequacies in the System Engineering design will result in deviation of one of the above. Most companies exercise only part of the overall defined Systems Engineering process. An optimal System Engineering process can be built only when considering the project's needs and the organization's resources. Consulting Services can be provided as an actual System Engineering consulting services or as a mentoring of the Systems Engineer.

Development Management and Organizational Structure Surveys
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Integrated Software Development process requires consistent and synchronized work. There are several development process methods that can be used according the organization's resources and project's needs. Exceeding development time, enormous amounts of bugs or endless revision cycles are good indications for inadequacy or partially implemented processes. Development Management and Organizational structure surveys will map the existing working method on theory and in practice. It will map bottlenecks in the process, unsynchronized junctions, problems in organizational structure and other points of failure in the development process. A final report will recommend required changes within the boundaries of the project and organization.

Entrepreneurship and managing High-Tech Company
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The entrepreneur and manager of a high-tech company face daily multi-discipline decisions. In many cases, this would be the first time such challenges are being faced by the managing team. Focused consulting from a multi-discipline expert can help the organization overcome the challenges.  The consulting covers all activities area: defining product and mission statement, presentation, business plan, marketing, IP management and strategic, capital raising, partners, investors, founders etc.

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